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Subject: Contributions, Memberships, Nyroc Store2007-04-07 15:17:27

Posts: 5823
ATV/UTV Paradise, Colorado , USA

Contributions Information

Nyroc thanks the contributing members for their support. This website has been expensive to set up and maintain, but contributions have made it possible. Some people have contributed $25, some over $100.

Every dollar helps, monthly costs are quite high.

We put the "Nyroc Supporting Member" logo under your name if you contribute and add forum functionality to your account.

Please Paypal your contribution to westernstatesatv@aol.com

Click on this....... Direct Link to Paypal NYROC-ATV
Contributions are not refundable. Please put your forum user name (Screen Name) in the message field in paypal so we can figure out who is sending it more easily.
If your paypal email does not match the forum email, send me a PM to help us figure it out.

Whenever using Paypal always make sure your browser is showing the https:// The "S" makes it a secure site transaction.

If you so choose not to use PayPal you can mail your donation. Just make sure you give your screen name so you can be credited correctly. Please allow 7 to 10 working days for it to be applied to your account. Only Checks or Money Orders please. NO CASH.

Make check or money order to:

Steve Johnson.
PO BOX 40647
Grand Junction, Colorado 81504

"Please include your screen name on your check."

Contributions increase the capabilities you receive as a forum user. New forum capabilities are being added all the time, so new features will be added. You do not have to contribute all at once. Subsequent contributions will be added to your first one. The breakdown is as follows:

Guests - View forum, no posting, no pm, no tech tips or trails .

Signed up user, no contribution - Post in forum, post photos, Advanced Search, view Tech Tips, view Trails, 15 PMs, 1 sale/wanted ad.

$10 - "Nyroc" logo, 30 PMs, autosubscribe, emoticon bar, 2 sale/wanted ads, and everything signed up users have.

$25 - Silver logo, 45 PMs, 5 photos in 3 personal pages, Avatars (pick from 20), image tags (like this: [ img=http://something.com/photo.jpg] except without the space before img), youtube video tags, 3 sale/wanted ads, choice of ad duration, everything the "Nyroc" logo users have.

$50 - Gold Logo, Images in personal messages, 60 PMs, 15 photos in 5 personal pages, more avatars to choose from, 4 sale/wanted ads, larger choice of ad duration, everything the Silver users have.

$100 - Platinum, 75 PMs, Custom JPG Avatar, 50 Photos in 10 personal pages, 5 sale/wanted ads, larger choice of ad duration, everything the Gold users have.

$200 - Diamond, 100 PMs, Custom GIF (animated) avatar, 100 photos in 10 personal pages, 10 sale/wanted ads, everything Platinum has.

$300 - High Performance - More than Diamond on just about everything.

Some donate a lot of time, and their efforts are appreciated as much as contributions. We have some good dedicated moderators helping us keep the forum clean and regulated so it is a good place for everybody. The forum keeps getting better. Thanks, everyone!

Welcome to NYROCATV. We are glad you found us and hope you enjoy your visit and call us your new ATV/UTV home. Many on NYROC ATV are very knowledgeable and willing to help.
Forum Index > Help > Contributions, Memberships, Nyroc Store
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