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Forum Index > Honda Foreman > 2000 Honda Foreman 450 ES Shifting Problems Sign up or Logon
Subject: 2000 Honda Foreman 450 ES Shifting Problems2008-02-24 19:53:21
Posts: 4
Grant City, Missouri , USA

Having problems with it getting stuck in all gears. The number will disappear on the dash and 3 line will appear. You can turn the 4-wheeler off and on and this sometime will clear it up.



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Subject: 2000 Honda Foreman 450 ES Shifting Problems2008-03-24 14:37:55
Posts: 33
prince george, British Columbia , Canada

little late for my reply, u probably have it fixed by now but it's probably your angle sensor on lower front cover, they are common failed parts, bike will usually shift good until 3rd gear then stop shifting until u shut it off, then works again, 2000 trx 450 didn't have a self diagnose ecu so it some times is difficult to trouble shoot, if u still need help message me & i'll try to help, i've been honda tech for 13 years.
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Airborne LT
Subject: 2000 Honda Foreman 450 ES Shifting Problems2008-04-01 04:45:54
Posts: 1095
Fort Campbell, Kentucky , USA

My old 99 450 does the same thing. We were out in the woods during hunting season and it would not shift back to neutral even. I had to use the manual metal lever to get it back to neutral. Turned off the bike, unhooked the battery, all was cured. No way will I ever buy another ES. I just got a great deal on this one used so I could not pass it up. My Dad is now the owner of it, and he never really uses it. I may try to talk him into trading it one of these days for a 500S model if I can find one for a deal.
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Subject: 2000 Honda Foreman 450 ES Shifting Problems2008-04-09 18:22:15
Posts: 254
Elwell, Michigan , USA

Your both talking about an 1999 & 2000 model quads after eight years of use and abuse
things do ware out, I would like to see your belt drive quad last that long LT These Honda
Foreman's have a 99% customer service rating conducted by Dirt Wheels magazine, and 98%
said they would reccommend a friend to purchase a Foreman.

I hear nothing but non stop on going problems with belt driven quades,I would rather be out
driving my Honda with gears any day over glazed belts that slip, need to be adjusted, replaced
what type of springs should I use and all the other on going crap you have to deal with, not to mention the crappy Mpg belt driven quads get.

As I always say, (It's either gears or tears on the trail) You might be faster but sooner or later I will wave as I go by while your working on your belt.


Subject: 2000 Honda Foreman 450 ES Shifting Problems2008-04-15 12:19:11
Posts: 335
Charleston, West Virginia , USA

As A former honda owner I agree there is less fuss with gears than belts, But I will take the problems with belts anyday if it means going back to gears and no power. In two year's I have went through one belt So I can't really complain there. And until I did the VDI Copperhead, I was getting between 75 and 80 miles to a tank which is just as good as the smaller displacemeant gear driven qauds we ride with. Now if they come out with a 700cc 5 speed utility qaud I'll be standing in line with my money
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Subject: 2000 Honda Foreman 450 ES Shifting Problems2008-04-15 16:45:08

Posts: 1995
Hudson, Wisconsin , USA

Larkinuser, did you figure out what the issue was? I would agree that it sounds like the angle sensor. Those older Foremans were pretty solid dependable machines. I just recently sold my 2000 to my brother, but still have a 2003 that I plow with.
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Forum Index > Honda Foreman > 2000 Honda Foreman 450 ES Shifting Problems
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