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Fuel Pump/Fuel Filter - Replacement - 450/700/750

by Glenlivet, 2009-01-19

Great Video by Nyroc member "02008kingquad" If you like the video please leave him a comment on YouTube or you can send him a PM.

Click this link for.........Another Good Link To Read

UPDATE: Some members that have been installing the Airtex, BOSCH, Carter fuel pumps have been reporting excessive fuel pressures. Please be aware of that. There is some fixes to reduce the pressures. To find out more use the "Search" feature in the King Quad Forum. Enter in "Search" (Fuel pressure) for more up to date information.

Quick link to reducing fuel pressures.....Fuel Pressure Reports

The stock fuel pump is not considered a replacement item by itself but rather Suzuki expects you to replace the entire fuel pump-fuel filter-fuel gauge sending unit, as a single item. This combined unit is priced at nearly $400.00!

BNWELD adds that the equivalent pump is also available as the:



Installing this pump will require you to disassemble the stock white plastic carrier for the pump and filter, and taking this apart will need you to make a jig to press in all four of the snap tabs that hold this carrier latched together, at the same time. Suzuki didn't make this part to itself be serviceable, but it can be disassembled. Follow this link for more information. Disassemble the stock white plastic carrier

30/05/09 Thanks to Triple J for this find:

Check it out Pro Fill does it again.

Filter supplyed with 8x metal pins to make dessasembly of the pump a dream!
with full colour photo instructions.

$30.00 USD

Note: Suzuki Japan will only sell the PUMP UNIT
They do not have a filter...
Note: Do not be fooled by cheap car filters that fit the pump but face the WRONG direction and need to be folded in half to fit in the pump unit!
This filter has been tested and found to be true.
Note: this filter is 200%+ bigger in size and will last longer


The Pro-Fill filter comes with eight little finishing nails and instructions on how to use them in a simple and elegant way to get the plastic pump/filter unit apart.

Edited by Singlemalt-Napa part # FS199 is compatible in Canada (Same part # as the Airtex-FS199) .

Edited by Dr Z- DO NOT BUY the NAPA FS0110. NAPA says it is a match for the FS199 in the US and they do not seem to have the FS199 here. I bought the FS0110 but did not install it yet. Ovrcr just posted that the neck is not centered on the FS0110 and it does not fit correctly. He got the FS199 from Kragen's.
10/13/2009 update on the FS199. I went to Schuck's Auto (a Kragen company) and they had an FS199 which had the offset neck like the FS0110 that I had. Not clear why different strainers with the same part number do not look alike.

Hutch found that NAPA N68018 is an original equipment sized filter, Canadian NAPA list around $20.

Buddyb79 says: "I changed my fuel filter in the tank last week with an Airtex FS38, it is a great fit and much larger filter. Fits nice in the tray and clips on very well."
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