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650V2 Belt Light Reset

by North Carolina ATV Rider, 2005-07-19

Dustinminnesota wrote:

This procedure works for the 04 V2 650 Artic Cat ATV

1.With ignition Key in the OFF position - Belt cover side of quad.
2.Unplug belt sensor (2 wire)(flat connector) and the 4 wire harness (square connector) next to it (black connector)
3.Jumper the orange/green wire to the gray (possibly gray/green) wire right next to it in the connector.
4.Turn the Key ON (Belt light should flash rapidly then flash slow) Do not turn the key off until slow flashing light occurs. Whole proceedure takes about 10 seconds.
5.Turn Key Off
6.Plug in all connectors that were unplugged to do the reset proceedure.
7.Turn Key ON to verify reset (If belt light flashes you either need to take you bike in for the recall on voltage spikes in the CDI circuit) or to take the cover off and reset the belt switch as outlined in the Prairie 650 section.

Note your dealer has a part number for the jumper to do this proceedure however I heard it costs like 14 dollars and all it does is jumper these two wires. I took the Prairie service manual and an Artic Cat wiring diagram and figured this out for a friend who lives several miles away from his AC dealership and it worked perfectly for his 2004 model V2. His light came back on and they had to install what looks to be a noise supressor in his CDI's circuit to make his light keep from coming back on. Something about the harness having high AC spiking due to the way AC wrapped the harness is what he was told. The dealer was impressed we figured the reset out but if that is all it takes to impress his dealer I told him he was hurting LOL.

Hope this information is beneficial and like NYROC I make no claims to accuracy or take no responsibilities for anyones ride.

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