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Steering Stabilizer - 450/700/750

by topgun, 2005-12-08

Several people have reported that by using a steering stabilizer, you can get rid of the high speed twitchyness on your King Quad.
The Stabilizer for a YFZ450 is said to be a bolt-on requiring no modification. (Scionizer07)

One for the Z400 will work but the collar needs to be opened up a bit to fit the steering stem. This can be done by filing, grinding, or by a machinist friend if you have one. The stem diameter is 1.25". The collar is aluminum so it really isn't that hard to do but a machinist would make the neatest job. Just add some shims on either side before you bore out the hole so there will be clamp present when you go to install. You can also run a tap the entire way through the collar so you can use a longer bolt for more strength. There really is no wrong way to install this. Just try to keep it level and make sure it has full travel both ways, and it doesn't bind. You can turn the frame brackets just about any way you need to. Just check for clearance issues.

Denton is the brand used most often. There are plenty of companies selling basically the same dampener and putting there sticker on it. The dampeners are all the same for all bikes. All they do is change the mounting plates. You may even check with Denton to see if they offer a collar in the 1.25" size. That would make this a simple bolt on item.

Here is Lancems setup and a link to the original steering stabilizer post.

Frame bracket

Frame bracket 2

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