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Grizzly 660 & 700 - Cheap clutch mod

by Triple J, 2007-04-18

Coop45 has done this mod on Yamaha's for years. I heard that this does not work on the 700.

"On grizzly 660's you just take the thick flat washer out, and put it in place as the shim to shim apart the fixed sheave and the moveable sheave, the cheapest low end performance mod you can do! "
Look at the picture below.

I did it a little different on the wifes Grizzly 700 though, I put (2) 1mm shims next to the collar and (1) 1mm shim out where the spacer used to be (didn't put the spacer back in). No rubbing or modding of the cage.

I highly recommend either doing this or if you don't want to give up your top end Coop 45 can machine it so you have low end and top speed.

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