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Grizzly 700 - Air Filter Cleaning - Engine life

by North Carolina ATV Rider, 2007-06-09

I noticed that dust was getting by my air filter in my first 20 miles. I was a bit disapointed. Dust in your motor will cause early compression loss, power loss and oil burining.

Don't be alarmed - If your Grizzly still runs good, a little dust in the past won't do hardly anything if you stop it now.

Update The 2008 Lid is redesigned, and your 2008 Grizzly should be fine, and the 2007 Grizzly should work well with a 2008 lid. Nyroc's Mod is overkill (but I still like it). All you really need is a filter element that is big enough to touch and press all around, and a 2008 lid.

Problem: the airbox design at the front of the air filter may let dirt in. There are 2 possible leak points. The bar that runs through the middle of the lid does not keep dust away from the edge of the air filter (note that my airbox lid the bar is curved, this helps the filter leak). The notches in the airbox base that are near the bar in the lid are not sealed, and will let dust go straight to the edge of the filter. The rubber seal that runs all around the airbox lid must seal or dust might run past the edge of the filter. Cleaning your filter at every ride might help keep dust out for you, since the filter will flow better and not suck as much dust in the gaps, but you should do more because you cannot guarantee that dust will not suck past the edge of the filter since there is almost nothing forcing it against the edge.

Solution: Use honda filter sealant on the front of the airbox. Put it around the notches, along the front of the air filter and put some down the gap between the airbox lips and on the rubber seal all around. Some people use grease. Grease is effective, but harder to clean. Twinair Grizzly 700 filter: TA152912. Uni Grizzly 700 filter NU-3212ST.

Photo below shows what I had to do to fix the airbox lid. The curved bar that holds down the forwardmost edge of the airfilter (mentioned above) was curved and was the main reason dust got in. I welded a U shaped piece of polypropylene that I took from a toolbox tray and the inside of the U fit directly over the wall in the bottom half of the airbox. This left me a perfect place to put air filter sealant. No more dust in my airbox now.

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