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Oil - Front Diff, Rear gear case - ** Service Caution! **

by Dav Ash, 2006-04-14


It is particularly important that wet brake compatible oil be used in the rear gear case of the LTA700, 450,and 750. Use of an oil in this case that is not made for this application will result in the deterioration of the rear brake parts and eventual reduction and loss of rear brakes, along with resulting in an expensive repair.
Not all dealership mechanics are necessarily up to speed on the need for this different rear gear case oil and there have been cases where shop service employees have replaced the wet brake oil with common gear oil. It pays for the King Quad owner to be diligent and be sure that the shop is aware of the proper oil to use. Some reports of dealers installing the incorrect oil has been reported.

Double check any fluid that you are interested in. Make sure it is WET BRAKE compatible.
ARCO Tractor Fluid
BP Tractran UTH
CarQuest Tractor Hydraulic Fluid
Case Hytran
Chevron Torque Fluid
Chevron Tractor Hydraulic Fluid
Conoco Power-Tran III Fluid
Conoco Farm Master
Gulf Universal Tractor Fluid;
John Deere Hy-Gard
Kendall HYKEN 052
Kubota Super UDT
Lubrication Engineers 7500
Lubriplate UTF C-4
Lucas universal hydraulic fluid #Part Number: 10017 AutoZone
New Holland, Ford M2C134-D & FNHA-2C-200.00 &201
Mobilfluid 300, 350, and 424 ( Suzuki Owners Manual recommends a 424)
Phillips HG Fluid
Royal Purple SYN-Tractor III
Shell Donax TD
Walmart Super Tech Tractor Hydraulic Fluid (Best Buy) 2gallons.

A little insight to the Wet Brake System on the King Quad.



As long as the oil is rated a GL-5 SAE90 you should be good to go. Some oils are rated for both GL-4 and GL-5.

ACDelco... Hypoid 80W90
Amsoil...Marine Gear Lube (AGM) 75W/80W-90 GL5/GL4. Retains it properties even when contaminated with as much as 10% water.
Amsoil...FGR SYN 75W90
Amsoil..AGL SYN 80W90
Aral... Gear Oil EP 90
Bel-Ray hypoid gear 80W90
Castrol... Hypoy 90 EP
Caltex... Valor 100
Chemoleums... Universal Thubol 90
Elf...Gearelf-4 90EP
Esso... Esso lUbe XD
Fina... Pontonic NE 90
Gulf EP... Gear Oil 90
Honda ...Hypoid 80W90
HPC... Gear Oil EP 90
Idemitsu... Auto Gear-S 90EP
IOC... Servo Gear HP 90
Lucas Oil/Heavy duty gear oil SAE 80W-90 Autozone Part#10043
Maxima... Hypoid Gear Oil 80W90
Motul... All Gear 80W90
Mobil... Mobilube GX - 90
Pennzoil... Gear Plus 90
Quaker State...HPGL 80W90
Royal Purple... Max Gear SYN 75W90
Silkolene...SYN5 75W90
Shell... Spirax EP 90
Schaeffers... 267 Gear Oil 80W90
Slick 50... Gear Lube Formula 80W90
Torco... RGO 80W90
Total... EP 80W90
Tata... BP BP Gear Oil 90EP
Valvoline... Geargard 80W90
Veedol... Multigear 90

FYI. 10mm Hex for front fill plug. Fill to bottom of threads. DO NOT OVER FILL!!!

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