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Sign Up Help

If you were a past member on the old Nyrocatv website your sign in information

was never transfered over to the new site.

This new site has a whole new database.

So old timers of Nyrocatv you won't be signing in.

You will be "SIGNING UP"

If you just want on the Nyrocatv site you just have to "Sign Up" 

on the homepage and your done.

If you want on the FORUM you are required to "SignUp" also.

The Forum has it's own database.

After you sign up on the forum that is where you can enter in your 

Member Name.

"King Quad Joe"

As well put your own Avatar picture by your screen name.

Thank you for your time.


Forum View

Note: If you sign in with Facebook or Twitter
It will transfer over your Avatar and screen name from them.
So you may want to do a new sign up on the Nyroc forum.
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