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--This Video was produced by a Nyroc member who purchased the VDI for his 2014 King Quad.

The one you see in the Video frame above.

He took the time to document the issues he was having.

Being fair to VDI they state that this is the only 2014 and up to have these known issues.

That doesn't mean that someone else isn't having these issues with their 2014 and up King Quad so that is why the Video is posted.

Let it be known that from 2005 to 2013, 1000's of VDI were sold with great results and very little known issues.

Many happy customers.

Understand that in 2014 Suzuki changed the many electronics on the King Quad to meet emissions standards.

As well engine head reconfiguration.

VDI had to reconfigure many settings to make the high performance ECU work on the 2014 and up King Quads.

So please use this Video as a reference.

Then take the time to use the Forum as well contact VDI and refer this Video to them as reference. 

Don't forget that Tech Tips has VDI Information on the most FAQ's

Thank You!


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